Easy Troubleshooting Tips for Beginners

It’s so frustrating when the internet is down and you cannot seem to figure out what went wrong. Instead of giving you complicated steps of troubleshooting, we’ll give you tips on how to effectively troubleshoot to lessen the downtime.


Rule of Thumb: Always Check Power and Cable Lights

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to do this. When you have no internet connection, your first step should be to check the power lights and cable lights. It doesn’t matter what type of modem or Media Markt gutschein service you use. Make sure that the cord is not loose which could have caused the fluctuation or no internet connection issues. Modems will usually have light indicators to give an idea to users whether it’s getting signal. You might be overwhelmed as there are many indicators in a modem but the most important indicator you should check is the Internet/WAN indicator. Lastly, your ethernet port (if you are using wired connection) should be blinking.

Reset Your Modem (Unplug)

If everything seems to be working and all connections are properly set up but you still have no internet connection, reset your modem. For most users, resetting the modem works instantly. It’s the easiest troubleshooting tip that you don’t even need a lebara bonos or technical support to do it. But remember to unplug it instead of pushing the little button at the back of your modem because it may change some settings and complicate the issue. Wait for 10 seconds before plugging it back in.

What’s the Issue? Wired or Wireless?

Most people miss checking whether the issue is coming from a wired or wireless connection. According to ส่วนลด Se-ed, wired and wireless connections have different approaches. So, before you freak out, know where the issue is coming from. It will narrow down the possible issues that might be causing no internet connection. Let’s say you have a wired connection but your phone can connect flawlessly to the wifi, it could be a faulty, loose cable/ethernet or your computer settings got the issue. However, if it’s the other way around, your lazada voucher code for mobile app or your password might be incorrect. When both wireless and wired are not working, then it could be a faulty modem or service provider issue.



Access Your Router/Modem Utility Set Up

The last resort is to log in to your router/modem utility set up. You can do this by checking the credentials written at the bottom of your modem/router. There are many things you can do on their web-based utility. You can reset your modem, change the settings and password, change connection channels and so on. Every modem and agoda discount code credit card have a different interface so providing you with a step of what to click would be irrelevant. If you have no experience in setting up your modem’s utility app, all you need to check is the “running work-time”. It would indicate whether the modem is receiving a signal or not. If you see, red alerts on your modem’s web-based tool, it’s time to call your service provider.