HomeIf you and your family are heavy users of the internet, you probably encountered some connectivity issue. Actually, the connectivity issues you encounter doesn’t necessarily mean you have a bad service provider. Getting accessories related to modem and router from online shops voucher codes can dramatically increase your speed and connectivity. What’s an amazing is you don’t have to allocate more bucks in upgrading your monthly service. These accessories are just a one-time investment.


Wifi Extenders


How far is your main modem from the area you would like to use the internet? Usually, Wifi speed depends on the barriers present in a location like walls, furniture, and so on. Also, keep in mind that there is a certain distance a Wifi can reach. Most of us would ask our service provider to install modems to improve wifi speed, but all you need are Wifi extenders. It can increase wifi coverage up to 1,000 sqm. What’s amazing is they can reduce congestion up to 50% which means you can enjoy stable internet wherever you are at home.


HighSpeed WAN Interface Card


This accessory is used for desktop with no WAN feature. Most desktops distributed in 2015 have no WAN installed in them which force users to do a wired connection. For families who have a single modem at home, this could be an issue as there are many devices we would connect in the modem like our TV, boxes, and home system. The port is only limited. So, what you can do is get a WAN interface card that works with your desktop from online shops like lazada and zalora. It will let you connect wirelessly and reduce the clutter and messy cables at home.




Dongles are the smaller version of extenders but they have the same use. It is best used for a medium-sized home. Their price is cheaper compared to extenders but the coverage is quite limited. What makes dongles great is their portability due to their size. You can plug them anywhere.