Connecting People Through Technology

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Time has changed our needs for connection. Globalization made our big world to a smaller one where people can stay connected through the aid of technology. Speedtouch DSL Shop has been serving the locals of Amsterdam for over 20 years. We have witnessed the breakthroughs of technology from landlines, broadband, to fibre optics. We saw beyond technology. We saw families, individuals, and relationships ignited along with technology. We saw lives getting better, more opportunities for everyone to dive into, and more possibilities coming our way. After seeing these visions, we understood that Speed Touch DSL Shop is significant. And for that reason, we continue to serve and ride the tides of change along with the people who believe in us.



Tailored-fit for Businesses

Businesses need a fast and stable internet connection with their day-to-day operations.  Speedtouch DSL Shop has a reputation for providing tailored-fit internet equipment that matches everyone’s needs and budget. Our business services come with offers & coupons which will not only reduce business owners’ expenses but also they will enjoy the perks of our security and support services. Buying modems in bulk will merit our free installation service. Our linemen are trained and CISCO certified. They can execute any installation requirement and capable of giving you advice on what set up is the best for your business.


Speedtouch DSL Shop Modems and Equipment

Speedtouch DSL Shop is complete with all the connectivity equipment you need. We have partnered with internet service providers to ensure the compatibility of our equipment. Our shop is also generous in giving out special discounts. For those who don’t have time to personally drop by at our shop, they can shop online using discounts. We are also serious about customer service, so for any inquiries regarding our services and or equipment, feel free to contact us. Speedtouch will ensure that you’ll have the best time through our wonderful support team who is ready to assist you when you need them the most.


Speedtouch gathers the best in the industry modems perfect for home and business use. These modems offer various features to enable users to maximize their internet subscription with their providers. Ask our staff at the shop

which modem will suit your needs and is compatible with your devices. At the shop, we’ll also discuss how to set it up and explain the function of each feature. You can also get  coupon codes on products if you buy packages that will complete your set up.



We have partnered with the most reliable internet service providers in town. Our broadband units are comprised of plans you can avail according to your usage. Speedtouch has been providing service to Amsterdam for over 20 years. We have gathered feedback from our customers on which internet provider is the best in your area who will give you a stable and fast internet connection without the issues of fluctuation.


Accessories and Tools

We strive to give our customers everything they need in connectivity. At the shop, you can buy additional accessories and tools, so you don’t have to exasperate in searching for them. Visit us or contact our support team.